Online/Classroom Ground Operations Trainings;

Online/Classroom Ground Operations Trainings;

Aero Support Group provides all specific Ground related trainings. Trainings are in compliance with IATA AHM 1110 and ISAGO Standards.


PAX 01 Online/Classroom Aviation Basics & Safety Training

PAX 02 Online/Classroom Customer Service Training

PAX 03 Online/Classroom Arrivals/Departures Training

PAX 04 Online/Classroom Baggage Services Training

PAX 05 Online/Classroom Baggage Claims and Settlement Training

PAX 06 Online/Classroom Check-In Training

PAX 07 Online/Classroom lrregular Operations Training

PAX 08 Online/Classroom Passenger Assistanceand PRM Training

PAX 09 Online/Classroom Post Flight Requirements Training

PAX 10 Online/Classroom Special Category Passengers Training

PAX 11 Online/Classroom Transfer of load Information Training

PAX 12 Online/Classroom Transfer, Transit and Connection Training

PAX 13 Online/Classroom Dangerous Goods Training

PAX 14 Online/Classroom Loading Bridge Operations Training

PAX 15 Online/Classroom Aircraft Access Door Operation Training


RMP01- Online/Classroom Basic Ramp & Airside Safety Training

RMP02- Online/Classroom Advanced Ramp & Airside Safety Training

RMP03 Online/Classroom Airside Driver Training Program Training

RMP04 Online/Classroom Basic Hand Signals Training

RMP06 Online/Classroom Basic Hand Signals Aircraft Marshalling Training

RMP07 Online/Classroom Aircraft Cargo Door Operation Training

RMP08 Online/Classroom Aircraft Cabin Doors Training

RMP09 Online/Classroom Aircraft Loading Training

RMP10- Online/Classroom Aircraft Arrivals Training

RMP11- Online/Classroom Aircraft Departures Training

RMP12- Online/Classroom Aircraft Pushback Training

RMP13- Online/Classroom Aircraft Towing Training

RMP14A Online/Classroom GSE Operations Training

RMP14B Online/Classroom GSE Operations Training – LDL

RMP14C- Online/Classroom Lavatory Trucks and Carts Training

RMP14D- Online/Classroom Potable Water Service Training

RMP15 Online/Classroom Ground to Flight Deck Communications Training

RMP16 Online/Classroom Ramp Baggage Handling Training

RMP 17 Online/Classroom Load Supervision Training

RMP 18 Online/Classroom Safety Supervision Training

RMP19 Online/Classroom Radio Communications Training


LOD 01 Online/Classroom Load Control-Aviation Basics & Safety Training

LOD 02 Online/Classroom Load Control-Aircraft Weight & Balance Principles Training

LOD 03 Online/Classroom Load Control-Load Planning and Loadsheet Training

LOD 04 Online/Classroom Load Control-Documentation and Messaging Training

LOD 05 Online/Classroom Load Control-Dangerous Goods Training



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