IOSA, IATA Operational Safety Audit

Takeoff to Success: Achieve IOSA Certification with Confidence

Is your airline striving for the gold standard in operational safety?

The IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) program is the internationally recognized benchmark for airline safety management. But navigating the IOSA audit process can be complex.

Our expert IOSA Audit Preparation services empower your airline to:

  • Ensure thorough compliance with IOSA standards through comprehensive gap analysis.
  • Identify and address potential shortcomings before the official audit.
  • Develop a robust documentation system that meets all IOSA requirements.
  • Train your staff on IOSA procedures and best practices.
  • Boost confidence and minimize stress leading up to the audit.

Don’t just meet IOSA standards – exceed them!

Contact us today to discuss your IOSA journey and receive a free consultation.

We’ll help your airline soar to new heights of safety and operational excellence.

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The IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) is a program developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to assess the operational management and control systems of airlines. The IOSA audit is a comprehensive review of an airline’s safety management system, including its policies, procedures, and practices. The audit is conducted by a team of independent auditors who are accredited by IATA.

The IOSA audit is a voluntary program, but it is becoming increasingly important for airlines to participate in order to demonstrate their commitment to safety. Airlines that are IOSA-registered are eligible for a number of benefits, including:

  • Reduced regulatory oversight
  • Increased access to markets
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Increased passenger confidence

The IOSA audit is conducted every two years. If an airline fails to maintain its IOSA registration, it may be subject to a number of sanctions, including:

  • Suspension of its IATA membership
  • Loss of access to markets
  • Increased regulatory oversight
  • Higher insurance premiums

The IOSA audit is an important tool for improving airline safety. By assessing the safety management systems of airlines, the IOSA audit can help to identify and correct safety issues before they lead to accidents.

Here are some of the key benefits of IOSA registration:

  • Reduced regulatory oversight: Airlines that are IOSA-registered are subject to less regulatory oversight from national aviation authorities. This can save airlines time and money.
  • Increased access to markets: Airlines that are IOSA-registered are often given preferential treatment by airports and other aviation stakeholders. This can lead to increased access to markets and new routes.
  • Lower insurance premiums: Airlines that are IOSA-registered typically pay lower insurance premiums. This can save airlines money and make them more competitive.
  • Increased passenger confidence: Passengers are more likely to fly with airlines that are IOSA-registered. This can lead to increased passenger traffic and revenue.

If you are an airline, IOSA registration is a valuable investment that can help you improve your safety performance, save money, and attract more passengers.

Here are some of the key requirements for IOSA registration:

  • The airline must have a safety management system (SMS) in place.
  • The SMS must be effective in managing safety risks.
  • The airline must have a process for continuous improvement of its SMS.
  • The airline must have a process for reporting and investigating safety incidents.
  • The airline must have a process for ensuring that its staff are competent to perform their safety-critical duties.

The IOSA audit is a rigorous process, but it is an important step for airlines that are committed to safety. By participating in the IOSA audit, airlines can demonstrate their commitment to safety and improve their safety performance.

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